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Programme Structure

The programme comprises 120 credits in total (30 European Credit Transfer System per semester): taught modules worth 105 ECTS in total, and a supervised dissertation worth 15 ECTS. The credit rating of a module is proportional to the total workload, with 1 credit being nominally equivalent to 10 hours of work. Each taught seminar is underpinned by reading and essay assignments.

The last semester of the entire programme may take place at Centre for International Studies and Development.


1st semester: 4 seminars of 3 hours each/12 weeks

History of Political Ideas

Ethics and politics/Ethics of communication

Introduction to information theory

Technical sciences and society: theories and issues

2nd semester: 4 seminars of 36 hours each

New ways of excercising power, networks and communication systems: “Digital era government and politics”

Scientific development and political ideas: “Governing with numbers: from political arithmetic to algorithms”

The ethical and economic issues of artificial intelligence

Digital law

3rd semester: 4 seminars of 36 hours each

Citizenship and new media: Blockchain and digital platforms

Mastering and governing digital technologies: Big Data, AI and algorithms

Data protection and new digital tools

Project based learning: digital uses + 1 MOOC

A 2-day strategic and professional seminar

4th semester

Either abroad at one of the partner institution;

  • Cy Cergy Paris University,
  • The Political Intitute of the Catholic University in Lisbon,
  • The Francisco Marroquín University in Guatemala

Or a 6 months internship at the UNESCO chair on Digital Innovation in Transmission and Publishing