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You will develop a number of skills that are valued in professional and managerial careers relating to the nature of political and democratic ideas in the digital era, especially the ability to research and analyse information from a variety of sources along with written and verbal skills needed to present and discuss your opinions. The understanding you will gain of complex political and digital humanities, in a continually changing environment, is relevant to both business and public sector appointments.

Here are some examples of the employment and professional development you can look forward to after graduating from the MA: Political communication, political NGO activism, political cyber consultant, specialists of political digital watch, political data scientists, political lobbying, political reputation marketing and international organisations jobs.

The MA can also help you to progress to PhD level study, with the research program you will follow for 2 years, and will allow you to meet international researchers from across all humanities and social sciences disciplines. You will be involved in the AGORA research centre, at CY Cergy Paris University, which is an active research hub distinguished by its diversity, collegiality and interdisciplinary between different approaches. Along with seminars at the UNESCO chair on Digital Innovation in Transmission and Publishing, a diverse group of specialists all linked to a field of research in political ideas, will guide you towards research at a PhD level.