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Our Partners

Cy Cergy Paris University - MA in a Political Ideas in a Digital Age

MA in a Political Ideas in a Digital Age is the result of our belief that the digital age is radically transforming the ways in which politics is and will be done in the future. Political behaviour, from the ways in which political ideas are expressed, to campaigning, voting, and to the ways in which political protest rises, are the new challenges ahead for Western democratic states. The problem is to adapt our outdated institutions to a perpetually evolving digital democratic age.

The team, built on friendship, interdisciplinarity, and the desire to study and propose new forms of mediation in the area of politics, based on new information & communication technologies, has created this MA program for a young generation of students who will be able to assess and harness the political, social and cultural impact of the digital age.

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The Political Intitute of the Catholic University in Lisbon – MA In International Studies and Governance, Leadership and Democracy Studies

This MA program not only aims at combining a strong teaching dimension with high-quality research. It also intends to provide permanent forum for scholars and practitioners working in the field of democracy. This third dimension is perhaps the most innovative and the one that can best help define the whole project. It  provides students with a working knowledge of the field through a standard course-based two-semester program.

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The Francisco Marroquín University in Guatemala – MA in Political Science

The Institute for Political Studies and International Relations was founded in 1983. Since then, it has been committed to academic excellence in Political Science and International Relations careers. Multidisciplinary programs, the quality of the teachers and active learning make The Institute for Political Studies and International Relations the best option for your studies.

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