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The ISAD Panopticon

The ISAD Panopticon is a student-run project, publishing a magazine featuring content created by students of the Jagiellonian University. It aims to inform the readers of knowledge relating to International Security and Development and related fields, such as political studies, philosophy, international studies, and media studies in an easily accessible way. Security as a concept is all-encompassing of human life, and the ISAD Panopticon seeks to push forward this understanding through its breadth of covered topics. The magazine format allows for the combination of the academic approach of research and discourse with the journalistic approach of coverage and audience, with featured content such as academic essays, journalistic coverage of news and events, and other freeform content such as artwork or interactive activities. The team is always on the lookout for prospective content creators and aspiring writers, so feel free to reach out at our e-mail (click here to open email adress) or our Facebook page (click here to open new tab).

The magazine will operate under the title The ISAD Panopticon and the motto See all. Hear all. Know all.  The magazine draws from Jeremy Bentham’s idea of Panopticon; an all-encompassing surveillance by a single entity. Through it, we realize the potential and power of media and journalism as an observer capable of getting as complete and as objective coverage/insight into certain issues as possible. Therefore, we achieve a shift from the original idea of panopticon: from an unequal gaze of guardsman-prisoner to an equalizing gaze for the general audience and layperson.

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The third issue of the ISAD Panopticon is here!

The third issue of The ISAD Panopticon is here (click here to open new tab)! Big congratulations to The ISAD Panopticon team!

Enjoy reading!

Picture of King and Eagle

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The second issue of the ISAD Panopticon is ready!

The second issue of the ISAD Panopticon covers topics related to the year 2020, as a year in review. It aims to follow up the first issue on the COVID-19 Pandemic and surveillance by covering other events of interest in the year.

You can read it here (This link goes to a new tab).


Graphic of year 2021 (with covid bacteria as 0 and tombstone as 0) and year 2021 (with star as 0 and pen as 1).

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