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MA Diploma Exam

MA Diploma Exam


Defence of the diploma thesis

  • A month before defending the diploma thesis, the student (or supervisor) is obliged to send (by e-mail) information on the title of the diploma thesis and the name of the supervisor and reviewer to the ISAD Office. Please check the thesis title carefully before sending, as the student will be responsible for all typos and errors in the thesis title.
  • After the data is entered into the USOS system by the ISAD Office, the student adds an abstract, key words, and then uploads a file with the thesis in PDF format to the AP. We will inform you about the opening of the system. Please submit the thesis by the 15th June.

Here you can find the AP instruction

At least 10 days before the date of the defence, the following documents should be submitted to the ISAD office:

  • A statement from the AP system about the authorship of the work
  • A statement about MS Teams access
  • MS Teams access statement
  • Application for the issue of certified copies of documents translated into English concerning completion of the studies– the original diploma is issued in Polish
  • Application
  • Accounts in libraries should also be closed before the defence (by phone or email to the library office)
  • Students should have all grades recorded in the USOS system

In the link below you can find the list of agreed diploma exam questions. Exam questions are based on obligatory courses, hence there are 10 questions from the core programme and 10 for each specialization. During the exam itself, you will answer two questions about your MA thesis and one randomly chosen from this list.

Diploma Thesis Exam ISAD - Questions

In accordance with § 22 of JU Rules for the Students, the basis for counting general outcome of study shall be:

1) mean grade from all courses covered by the course of study, calculated in accordance with the Regulation,

2) grade for the diploma thesis, if required by the study programme,

3) grade for the diploma exam or arithmetical mean of grades in the case of sitting a diploma exam for more than one time.

The general outcome of the studies will be established as the sum of 4/8 of the mean grade of grades referred to in point 1 – the mean grade from all courses covered by the course of study - 3/8 of the grade referred to in point 2 - grade for diploma thesis and 1/8 of the grade referred to in point 3 - grade for diploma exam or arithmetical mean of grades in the case of sitting the diploma exam for more than one time .

The general outcome of the studies is entered on a graduation diploma in accordance with the following rule:

  • 4,51 – 5,00 – very good
  • 4,21 – 4,50 – good plus
  • 3,71 – 4,20 – good
  • 3,21 – 3,70 – satisfactory plus
  • up to 3,20 – satisfactory

Together with the graduation diploma, graduates receive a supplement to including a list of courses passed and grades obtained in the programme. 

Receipt of the diploma and supplement:

-personally by the graduate

-on the basis of authorization granted by the graduate -in case of doubt - on the basis of an officially certified authorization

-upon request, in exceptional circumstances, by post with confirmation of receipt.

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