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Charity Games Night with SAIAD

Charity Games Night with SAIAD
Dear Students,
this is a message from SAIAD - please have a look and sing up for this great event!
Come and join us for an evening of competitive fun while also supporting a wonderful cause! SAIAD is excited to announce its first Charity Games Nights!!
  • Date/Time: 25th of January 2024, 18:00
  • Location: LostBar Kraków
(Specific information regarding the address and how to get into the room are found on the sign-up form below).
Not only will you have the opportunity to get competitive at some popular and favorite board games, but you will also help us raise some money for a charity that is doing wonderful work for the less fortunate in Kraków.
Below is a sign-up link with more information about the event and the charity we have chosen to support - Zupa na Plantach. We are taking donations to help support this wonderful organization, but we would also really appreciate donations in other forms (such as useful items - more information is outlined on the form).
*All proceeds will be going directly to the charity.*
Keep an eye out for any more emails and on our socials for more information and updates!