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International Relations and Public Diplomacy

The International Relations and Public Diplomacy (IR-PUB) is a new international and English-language 4 semester MA programme , implemented by funds from the Katamaran program of the National Agency for Academic Exchange (from the Knowledge-Education-Development Operational Program: POWER). In line with the double-degree concept, students will complete a study program for two semesters at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and two semesters at the University of Siena in Italy, which has complementary competences in public and cultural diplomacy. What distinguishes IR-PUB from MA studies at the Centre for International Studies and Development of the Jagiellonian University is the emphasis on a multidimensional approach to the studied issues (in terms of traditional and modern approaches to international relations and diplomacy).

IR-PUB focuses on acquiring knowledge which combines the issues of the multi-level analysis of both international relations and state activities in the external sphere and adapting the possessed knowledge and skills, with a particular emphasis on the importance of public diplomacy (political, economic, cultural) both at the level of global and regional institutions and state and non-governmental organizations.

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