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Education Concepts

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The program of International Relations and Public Diplomacy allows student to gain knowledge, competences and skills in the field of broadly understood: public diplomacy, international affairs, security issues, international economic relations and public international law. These effects correspond to the didactic concepts of the proposed obligatory subjects, in particular: Public Diplomacy, World Politics since 1945, International Economics, Global Comparative Politics and International Law and Human Rights. On the other hand, the selection of optional subjects determines the concept of teaching along with the student's own vision of development and interests. This means that the student can develop their skills and competences in the areas of broadly understood diplomacy, including economic, religious, cultural and new media diplomacy. The MA programme offers a catalog of optional courses that have been determined by geographical selection, which makes IR-PUB a field of study that provides knowledge about international relations in a comprehensive perspective through courses dedicated to Latin America, Africa, East Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and the functioning of international organizations in the modern world. Moreover, the program offers courses in the form of workshops aimed at acquiring analytical skills as well as teamwork and leadership skills: Foreign Policy Analysis and Leadership and Project Management. In addition, the program provides the development of language skills through the opportunity to participate in modern language courses and a specialist English course in diplomacy - Academic English. The implementation of the concept of the IR-PUB program is guaranteed by the creation of a consortium of international studies in partnership with the University of Siena, which guarantees constant cooperation with scientists and academics both on a European and global scale. In practice, this means that the student is obliged to complete the obligatory courses offered at both the Jagiellonian University and the University of Siena and the appropriate number of optional courses, which together will allow for the implementation of the necessary ECTS. The study program is closely related to the research conducted at the unit on security issues, international development, and the transformation of the international system determined by the global socio-political and economic phenomenon.

The socio-economic needs

The learning outcomes respond to the socio-economic needs of the modern world and are related to the use of knowledge in the field of contemporary political and economic relations, public diplomacy, diversity of cultures and religions in working conditions in international teams, especially in crisis conditions. It is facilitated by negotiation and mediation skills, analytical and leadership knowledge, language skills at the professional and specialist language level used in diplomacy. Learning outcomes by integrating knowledge, skills and competences in the field of international relations and public diplomacy create the basis for graduates to continue and effectively function in the contemporary globalized

Currently, the most desirable among graduates of studies related to international issues, which include IR-PUB, are:

• knowledge of the facts and phenomena of contemporary international affairs in a regional and global perspective, relating to the political, economic, legal, religious, cultural spheres related to the diversity of the contemporary world; knowledge of legal issues, knowledge of foreign languages;

Thus, the learning outcomes of the IR-PUB program correspond to socio-economic needs due to the guarantee that the graduate of the course will have the necessary knowledge in the field of history and international relations, the role of diplomacy in the modern world and the mechanisms of the functioning of the international system in institutional and legal terms.

• negotiation and dispute resolution skills, mediation, ability to react in crisis conditions;

Student should, based on the possessed knowledge and skills, make decisions aimed at solving problems in professional work and crisis situations. The acquired knowledge and language skills allow the graduate to acquire valuable skills in the field of mediation and negotiation. It should also be emphasized that the program of the IR-PUB course is unique and innovative both in Poland and in Europe.

• leadership competences, competences allowing to work in an international environment through adaptive abilities;

The IR-PUB graduate will respond to the requirements of the labor market due to the acquired competences: formulating own opinions based on the empirical knowledge gained, analyzing phenomena and processes related to the broadly understood international system, critical thinking about the analyzed processes, adaptation in teamwork or taking over the role of a leader, functioning in an intercultural environment, negotiation and mediation skills. By the acquired knowledge and competences consistent with the learning outcomes, the graduate is able to undertake professional work in the area of ​​specialist education, offering wide opportunities for further professional development.

The study plan combines elements of general academic education in the field of international relations and public diplomacy, including understanding of the practical aspects of working in institutions dealing with these issues, with particular emphasis on preparation for work in Poland and abroad.