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Pre-conference workshop Decolonization Knowledge for Development

In Development Studies, alongside many other debates on development and coloniality, interest has grown around intellectual ‘decolonisation’ or decolonising knowledge. This seeks to shift teaching and research in ways that ensure different knowledges and experiences from around the world are acknowledged and integrated, whilst also paying attention to addressing racial and social hierarchies. Addressing inequalities is central to these efforts, including tackling knowledge asymmetries. In the year of celebrating its 50th anniversary, EADI has constituted a Task Group that is actively reflecting on coloniality and how it manifests today in multiple ways during a time of crisis in development and in Development Studies in particular. The Task Group has already produced a reflection paper that can be downloaded from this task-group webpage, and a blog on decolonising knowledge for development that invites wider participation in this initiative.

This workshop will bring together members of the EADI Task Group on decolonising knowledge for development which is taking forward an inclusive, mutual learning agenda with EADI members. The workshop aim is to enable participants to contribute to a joint publication that synthesises evidence and knowledge generated through a year-long process of engagement with EADI members, around their experiences of decolonising knowledge for development. It will also be an opportunity for the Task Group to plan for further collaborative activities that will help promote and disseminate these findings to a wider audience, leading in turn to tangible progress in decolonising knowledge for development amongst EADI members and beyond.

You can find more information about the workshop at European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes.