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Arkadiusz Górnisiewicz

Arkadiusz Górnisiewicz

Name: Arkadiusz Górnisiewicz

Position: Assistant Professor at the JU

Courses taught at the ISAD program: see USOS


About: Arkadiusz Górnisiewicz is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Political Science and International Relations of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. His research interests include history of modern political though, political philosophy, history of ideas. He has recently worked on the theological origins of modernity, political implications of secularization, Weimar thought, modern theory of the state. Recent publications include a book on Karl Löwith (in Polish, 2014) and three co-edited volumes in English: Modernity and What Has Been Lost. Considerations on the Legacy of Leo Strauss (South Bend, IN. 2011), The Problem of Political Theology (Kraków 2012), The Concept of Constitution in the History of Political Thought (Warsaw-Berlin 2017).


Main academic/research interest:

•             modern political and legal thought

•             contemporary political philosophy

•             theories of modernity

•             history of political concepts

•             political theology

•             war in philosophical perspective


Scientific work (publications, conferences, professional association membership, grants etc.):,