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Wojciech Michnik

Wojciech Michnik

Name: Wojciech Michnik

Position: Assistant Professor of International Relations and Security Studies at Jagiellonian University and contributing editor for New Eastern Europe

Courses taught at the ISAD program: Fragile and Dysfunctional States


About me: scholar and analyst of international security and strategic studies; former lecturer at the American University in the Emirates in Dubai (2016-2018); Fulbright Scholar at Columbia University (2015-2016); foreign and security policy analyst at the Department of Americas, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland (2014). Dr. Michnik conducted research and received training at Boston University (research fellow); School of Advanced International Studies of Johns Hopkins University (visiting scholar); NATO; European Commission; Utrecht University; and German Ministry of Defense. He holds Ph.D. in International Relations from Jagiellonian University.

Main academic/research interest: NATO-Russia relations; Middle East’s security and Poland’s foreign policy.

More about my scientific work (publications, conferences, professional association membership, grants etc.): Published on topics of the US foreign policy; NATO’s evolution, Poland’s and Russia’s foreign policies; Regional security in the Middle East; Wars in Afghanistan; Iraq and Yemen. Recipient of the Fulbright Advanced Research Award; fellowship from the Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship (Tokyo Foundation); various grants from International Studies Association and Kokkalis Foundation.

Interests/ hobbies/dreams: sports; (heavy) music and mountain trips.

The place where I can be met most often when I am not at work: squash court or mountains