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Global Complex System LAB and the Excellence Initiative of the Jagiellonian University

The creation of the LAB will enable research on an international scale (the approach in the spirit of complexity theory and the interdisciplinary nature of the subject and research tools are a ticket to innovation in research). Establishing research groups will determine the internationalization of the project and enable the funding of scientific activities by obtaining prestigious international grants as part of the following activities: transformation and turbulence in complex systems; research on the world economy and crises; the importance of digitizing the commercial and financial space; technology transfer as a factor of economic growth; economic interdependence and globalization processes in the digital age; research into foreign policy and decision-making processes; implications of blockchain and cryptoeconomics for complex systems (these tools determine appropriate behaviour in complex systems and serve economic coordination with the help of distributed registers extended with advanced computational functions) and the importance of religious and cultural aspects for the functioning of complex systems (e.g. analysis of the impact of digitization on social life in complex systems, including research on language and religion as well as issues related to the meaning and creation of global and local discourses on crises and digitization for the actions of religious fundamentalists). The interdisciplinarity and topicality of the researched issues and the development of research cooperation determine the possibility of publishing scientific results in prestigious journals. LAB research has a chance to be appear in the best journals, mainly because it deals with a very complex topic of an interdisciplinary nature, which takes into account the importance of complex systems theory, i.e. research on the border of many fields and disciplines. In addition, the adaptation of the indicated theory determines the need to use innovative research tools, which also favours research on innovation. As a result, their findings can be published in journals devoted to various topics.