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Global Complex System's Research Activities

The GCS LAB assumes establishing research cooperation that will enable the employment (including through the Jagiellonian Fellowship Program, Jagiellonian Chairs Program) of scientists dealing with the subject of complex systems, which will increase the scientific and research potential of the Jagiellonian University. LAB’s activities focus on creating research groups built around international cooperation, the result of which will be joint publication initiatives and research under national (NCN, NCBR, NAWA) and international grants (e.g. Volkswagen Stiftung). The activities of individual research groups operating within the LAB will also focus on the potential to obtain mini-grants within the Jagiellonian University, which will constitute individual platforms for their implementation. Establishing foreign publishing cooperation will enable the implementation of the Open Science program in the Open Access system, which will enable the publication of research results in prestigious journals and publishing houses. Moreover, the LAB activity will be based on the organization of conferences, workshops and seminars on both a national and international scale. The cooperation will also make it possible to prepare and include in the didactic offer of the Jagiellonian University courses that will develop the methodological skills of students and doctoral students in the field of complex systems theory. The essence of LAB's activities will also remain the establishment of a system of financial support for students of new fields of study conducted in English and the creation of a fund that will allow young scientists to carry out research projects thanks to grants obtained through contests (research-based teaching). LAB activities will also focus on the practical dimension by supporting cooperation between scientists and representatives of business and the social environment.