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International Relations and Public Diplomacy


The project responds to the challenges in the field of higher education in Poland and Europe as well as the needs of the labor market related to changes occurring in the environment international and diplomacy. These are the issues of the growing number of foreigners in Poland, the fact and the need for further internationalization of higher education, more active diplomacy, including public Polish and the need for education students in this area. Education in an international environment and in English builds natural competence here.

Project goals

The main goal of the project is to create an international, lasting 4 semesters (two in Krakow, two in Siena), a joint English-language study program International Relations and Public Diplomacy, including the development of a study program and teaching materials in cooperation with the University of Siena (having complementary to the Jagiellonian University competences in education in the field of public and cultural diplomacy).

Target groups

The target group will be graduates and first-cycle graduates from Poland, Europe and non-European countries (which will enable natural cooperation in the environment international and intercultural), interested in deepening knowledge in a unique in the country as well as the EU program combining competences related to international issues and public diplomacy.

Description of planned activities

As part of the project, study visits are planned, during which partners will learn their ways of conducting study programs, program conferences, preparation of joint didactic materials for students (including the purchase of textbooks) and program promotion (electronic media, participation in fairs, printed matter).

Results and benefits and how to achieve them

The result of the project will be the preparation of a joint study program International Relations and Public Diplomacy in cooperation with the University of Siena. Benefit will create a project based on a synergistic cooperation model and previous experience of both universities (at the Jagiellonian University, especially in the field of International studies Security and Development, at the University of Siena based on the Public and Cultural Diplomacy program).

Expected benefits from the implementation of the Project

The project will allow to prepare a second degree study program unique in Poland and Europe, as well as increase the level of internationalization of the Jagiellonian University, which is in line with the strategy for the development of higher education in Poland, the development strategy of the Jagiellonian University and WSMiP.

Partnership cooperation in the project

As part of the cooperation, the Jagiellonian University will be responsible for project coordination, organization of study visits to Krakow, and project preparation in the field of relations international, and the partner will be responsible for the logistic organization of visits to Siena, substantive care over issues related to public diplomacy.

Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron



The University of Siena (Università degli Studi di Siena - UNISI) is one of the oldest universities in the world located in Italy, in the Tuscany region. It was founded in 1240 and is currently a place of education for about 20,000 students. It is worth to underline than The University of Siena is a major academic research center. In its eight Centuries of history, the University of Siena has been producing a wide range of studies in many different fields of culture.

Over the years the University of Siena has enhanced its strategy for internationalisation, aiming to strengthen its international academic relationships and to attract students and researchers from different parts of the world.

At the early 21st Century this historical Institution has been able to face challenges related to the globalisation of learning, knowledge and research with a wide number of international collaborations.

New international collaboration agreements and projects established each year, increasing number of Degrees and courses delivered in English, holding good placement in National and International Rankings; these are some of the University of Siena’s strong points. Taking into consideration the Center for World University Rankings (CEWUR) for the years 2018-2019, the University in Sienna was ranked 445 among the 1,000 best universities in the world. What is more, according to the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities for 2019, it is the 553 best university out of more than eleven thousand positioned universities Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) in 2018, which is commonly called the Shanghai Ranking, qualified the University of Siena in the seventh hundred best universities. In 2018, it took first place among the average Italian universities in the field of scholarships and student services, according to the CENSIS Research Institute 2018 classification.

Our Partner

KATAMARAN - Establishing and conducting joint second-cycle studies

The main objective of the Programme is to support Polish higher education institutions (HEIs) in the implementation of international curricula during joint second-cycle studies leading to a joint diploma and to increase mobility of students and academic staff.

Under the Programme, it is possible to submit an application to launch recruitment for studies and to support academic mobility within international joint second-cycle studies.

An applicant may submit a maximum of 3 applications, subject to the condition that one application may cover only one field of study (several applications for the same field of study are not possible). Where more than three applications are submitted by one institution, the first three will be submitted to the Agency’s ICT system at the time of submission. An application that will involve more than one field of study will be rejected at the formal assessment stage. The Programme is implemented under the project “Supporting the institutional capacity of Polish HEIs through the creation and implementation of international study programmes” under the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development co-financed by the European Social Fund.