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Promoting Order at The Edge of Turbulence in complex systems

The aim of the group's research will be to analyze transformations in both the regional and global context, with a particular emphasis on limiting the power of great powers in complex systems.

Research group's main assumptions:

• In political terms, it will be possible to study systemic transformations, with a particular emphasis on the transformations of global relations - limiting the possibilities of superpowers and supra- and international organizations, the emergence of regional powers; their effectiveness in dealing with both political and economic crises. An important aspect of the research will also remain the importance of systemic centralization during the identified crises. This allows the effectiveness of the existing models to be verified. Thanks to this, it is possible to analyze the interactions between subsystems further - which determines the studied changes and what transformations result from them.

• The focus on constructing order out of chaos will be operationalized through the examination of three distinct taxonomies: (i) power; (ii) governance, and (iii) context. The framing of POET along these three taxonomies informs the investigations of related work packages (WPs): (WP1) Parallel Connectivity in Eurasia; (WP2) Digital Geopolitics in a Fracturing World; (WP3) Engaging China’s Pandemic Diplomacy. While distinct and clearly specified, both the taxonomies and work packages of POET are mutually reinforcing and overlapping into a coherent and comprehensive research framework.