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Marcin Krzyżanowski

Marcin Krzyżanowski

Name: Marcin Krzyżanowski

Position: Independent researcher

Courses taught at the ISAD program: Conflict, Peacebuilding and Development

About me: Orientalist, businessmen, member of the Polish Geopolitical Society, former diplomat

Main academic/research interest: War & peacebuilding, security, economy and social changes of the Middle East, particularly Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. Using interdisciplinary approach I take the possibility to connect academic knowledge with hard-gained practical experience. My main fields of research are: Afghanistan as a state; Iran as a key player in ME geopolicy; Kurds and Kurdistan in the scope of regional socio-political conflict. As an entrepreneur I also try to be up to date with current economy of Middle East.

Interests: World history (especially antiquity and 17-18th century), mythology (especially Nordic and Ossetian), Polish fantasy literature,

Hobbies: Translating modern Persian novels, playing computer games with friends (Total War series and Warcraft III), playing football (dedicated and skilful, yet not very fit defender) and cooking

Dreams: Become a famous novelists and owner of a tropical paradise-style island

The place where I can be met most often when I am not at work: I work on things I love, so I’m never at work (except when I must take care of my company’s accountancy or bureaucracy- then I’m at hell).