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International Relations in Africa


The goal of the seminar is to familiarize participants with essential information about the status of African countries in the network of international relations. The seminar has an interdisciplinary character, not limited to lectures on the political relations of African countries in international communities but will take into account cultural factors that are decisive for the creation of interstate relations or inter-ethnic relations. It will also cover citizen-to-state relations on the continent. Particular emphasis will be laid on the engagement of external participants of the international community in solving humanitarian crises, peace building, including humanitarian and developmental aid. The participants will also learn about challenges connected to the dynamics of young, fast-growing African societies and the opportunities presented to African countries by a new type of international relations with others in the world. The typical graduate will know and understand the place of African countries in international relations and have a working knowledge of the historical context of the development of African countries and the actors involved in it. 

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