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Geography and Sustainability

The course aims at developing geographical knowledge – both theoretical and applied - to think spatially about sustainable development and geopolitical matters. The course addresses sustainable development as a framework to explore man-environmental relationships from a geographical perspective both at the local and the global scale. The course focuses on resources (mainly intangible and cultural ones), place-making and branding as tools of cultural diplomacy. Thinking geographically implies acquiring geographic information, understanding and exploring it spatially. So the course includes activities such as locating and collecting data, observing and systematically recording information, reading and interpreting maps and other representations of spaces and places. Quantitative and qualitative data will be used and represented by GIS techniques and other geospatial tools (OSM, location-based app). Participatory approach in Students will develop research projects (fieldwork) on issues related to sustainability and related policies (define a research question, analyze the current state of knowledge, select methods to evaluate hypotheses, analyze available data and results).