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Rahman Huseynov, Azerbaijan (ISAD class 2023)

Photo of Rahman HuseynovI am Rahman Huseynov from Azerbaijan. I am currently 2nd year International Security and Development student, and I am a member of International Cooperation Team of SAIAD. I chose SAIAD because the association encourages personal growth by fostering leadership skills, resilience and a global mindset. Also, it provides a platform for networking with professionals, experts and alumni engaged in international affairs and development. My expectation from the SAIAD would be collaborative partnerships in which collaborations with other student organizations, academic departments, NGOs, or international institutions to expand opportunities could be useful. Being part of the organization has also many advantages. Participation in the association can boost my resume which can provide a competitive edge in job applications. Finally, engaging in discussions and intellectual exchanges within the association stimulates critical thinking and encourages members to explore diverse perspectives on different issues.

Owen Hardesty, USA (ISAD class 2024)

Photo of Owen HardestyI chose to join SAIAD because I wanted to become more involved in the university community and to get to know more people from within my program. I See SAIAD as a group dedicated to building community through planning fun get togethers and events, and furthering educational opportunities by organizing trips to governmental organizations in cities like Paris and Brussels. I think people should join SAIAD because the members are all fantastic, and the group presents an excellent opportunity for students to meet bright minds from every imaginable background.

M Anas Badawi, Syria (IR-PUB class 2024)

Photo of M Anas BadawiI'm M Anas Badawi, a  Syrian youth activist and a graduate of Dentistry from Damascus University. Currently pursuing a Master's in International Relations and Public Diplomacy at Jagiellonian University, I bring over 7 years of experience in youth engagement, focusing on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), gender equality, and active citizenship. As a member of SAIAD's communication team, my expectations centre around cultivating meaningful connections and utilizing my extensive background in youth engagement to enhance the organization's impact. In joining SAIAD, I am eager to collaborate with fellow team members who share a similar passion for positive change. Together, I look forward to shaping a future that is not only impactful but also inclusive, reflecting the core values and objectives of SAIAD.

Maja Sikora, Poland/Great Britain (IR-PUB class 2024)

Photo of Maja SikoraStudying many languages throughout my life has allowed me to experience and connect with cultures from all around the world, as well as provide opportunities to live, visit and study in many beautiful countries. However, after finishing my first integrated master's degree in Scotland, I wanted to find a course that would introduce me and challenge me in the field of international relations and help me find a field where I could continue using my languages, and the IR-PUB course in Kraków and Siena was the perfect choice. The programme has offered unique and very interesting courses that have provided me with another insight into the international world, and meeting the huge variety of multicultural and interesting people from all around has only added to the amazing experience. Kraków is as ever a wonderful place to live in and it never gets boring, the university is a wonderful place to study at, and I am super excited about living and spending more time in Italy!

Helena Quis, Austria (IR-PUB class 2024)

Photo of Helena QuisI am from Austria, have lived in Germany for the last few years, studied political science there, did an internship in the UK and went to France for my semester abroad. The IR-PUB programme now gives me the opportunity to get to know two new, exciting countries in Eastern and Southern Europe and to study together with people from all over the world. For many of us, the Master's programme is the final step in our academic education, and it's not just about specialising and sharpening your academic profile. It is about growing personally - and that is only possible in exchange with a variety of other people. I think it is this multidisciplinary and multicultural environment that makes the IR-PUB programme special. The combination of challenging studies, a national diversity of professors and students, and the cultural experiences you gain in two countries prepare you for work in the diplomatic service, international organisations or NGOs better than most other programmes.

Urszula Bielska, Poland (ISAD class 2024)

Photo of Urszula BielskaI am a first year ISAD student. I have chosen this degree due to the content of the course. The subjects offered as part of this course are very interesting and align with my personal interests and, hopefully, will be useful for my future career aspirations. I chose to come to Kraków because of the prestige of the university. I am proud to be studying at the oldest university in Poland, and one of the oldest universities in Europe. Kraków is a beautiful and interesting city full of history. It has many lively bars and restaurants, and is very student friendly. I have met some interesting people from all over the world, and I have really enjoyed getting to know them all.

Watchara Intrasombat, Thailand (ISAD class 2024)

Photo of Watchara IntrasombatAs a humanitarian aid worker, I used to work with migrant children, minority people, and refugees who fled from their atrocities and came to seek asylum in Thailand, mainly in Bangkok. After being interviewed with so many cases, I found that they all have the same ambition, regardless of returning to their homeland after the conflict is solved, as getting resettled to developed countries such as EU members and the US for a better life. However, on the other side of the world, there is an ongoing refugee crisis in refugee-received countries like Europe. So, when I found the information about the ISAD program, I decided to apply immediately. I hope this course will help me better understand the global migration phenomena related to security issues in both hosts and received countries. Undoubtedly, flying to Krakow to study International Security and Development at Jagiellonian University, the oldest university in Poland, gave me incredible experiences in many aspects; besides learning with a ton of specialization courses from various experts in each field of IR, the academic atmosphere here also great. Imagine studying at a world heritage city like Krakow and exchanging ideas with other students from different parts of the world to gain more knowledge and fulfill career goals. What else do we need?

Altynay Zhanayeva, Kazakhstan (ISAD class 2024)

Photo of Altynay ZhanayevaAfter graduating from the International relations department in Kazakhstan, I have decided to continue my studies and pursue my master’s degree abroad. My interest in peacebuilding, conflicts and security studies led me to the ISAD program at Jagiellonian University in Krakow. The main reason I am happy to become a part of ISAD is the interesting courses conducted by experienced professors. I am satisfied with the courses I have taken until now because they cover the topics I am deeply interested in. Another important thing in choosing the program for me was the diversity of students. The international community with great individuals from all over the world is introducing me to the multicultural experience, new languages, and different worldviews.  When it comes to my choice of city in Poland, ISAD was the reason for moving to Krakow. Since I arrived in Krakow, I have never regretted coming here. Krakow is a city with rich history, beautiful culture, and kind people. In Krakow I am enjoying my studies, meeting plenty of new people, and having the wonderful time of my life! I am honored to be a student of the ISAD program at Jagiellonian University and would strongly recommend it to any person interested in Security studies!

Malika Ishankulova, Uzbekistan (IR-PUB class 2024)

Photo of Malika IshankulovaAs long as life goes on, one should continue to study and search! Despite the fact that I previously worked in the honorable profession of teaching, my interests and research did not allow me to be limited to this.  There are many unsolved and emerging problems among countries and peoples in the world which many nations are suffering from.  As I am a guest in this world, I intend to contribute to the peace of this world, the well-being of my co-patriots and the lives of people after me.  For this purpose, I started researching international relations about today's problems and their motivations. As a result, I have now found myself in the field of “INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS AND PUBLIC DIPLOMACY”.
I am studying in a “double-degree” program, and I am attracted by the fact that this program offers the opportunity to be not only a member of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland, but also a member of the University of Siena, Italy. These are both undeniably fascinating and historically rich cities, and universities also gilt-edged universities in Europe. It makes me even happier that it includes opportunities for more experience, communication, exchange of ideas, broadening of worldview, making new friends. During my studies in Jagiellonian University, I have witnessed that the life of the University, the relevance of the subjects to the field, everything is better than I expected. It is worth saying that the approach of each of the professors to the lesson is unique and attractive. Their level of knowledge deserves praise and respect. Furthermore, I have also made many international friends here. In a word, the program and the University are brilliant!

Karolyn Moore, Poland/USA (IR-PUB class 2024)

Photo of Karolyn MooreI chose to pursue my MA degrees with the IR-PUB program to meet new people from across the world, explore new cities, and learn about the international system from a different viewpoint than my BA. I believe that when obtaining any form of degree related to international relations or diplomacy, it is a necessity to study in a country that you have not lived in for most of your life. The first time I stepped foot in Kraków as a child I knew it was somewhere I wanted to live during my life. The IR-PUB program has been a wonderful experience thus far: Kraków is a beautiful & affordable city with endless opportunities, and I am looking forward to my time in Siena.

Gahraman Ismayilov, Azerbaijan (ISAD class 2024)

Photo of Gahraman IsmayilovAs a first-year master's student in the ISAD programme, I can attest that choosing this program was a highly beneficial decision. The programme offers a well-designed curriculum that is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the complex issues surrounding international security and development. The programme’s teaching methodology has had a significant positive impact on my studies, so far. Prior to enrolling in the ISAD program, I had completed a degree in Law, However, the teaching methodology effectively facilitated my transition into the field of international security and development, despite my previous background being in a different discipline. Furthermore, the programme is highly diverse, providing opportunities to interact and engage with students from various cultural and geographic backgrounds. This international composition of the programme has a positive impact on my worldview, as it allows me to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of different cultures and perspectives. In terms of the university’s location, studying in Krakow is an unforgettable experience. The city is rich in history and culture, making it the perfect place to immerse oneself in the language and customs of Poland. Overall, the ISAD’s diverse student body, international atmosphere, and teaching methodology provide unique and valuable opportunities for personal and academic growth. 

Nisha Jiang, China (IR-PUB class 2024)

Photo of Nisha JiangFirst of all, I have to admit that what attracted me most about IR-PUB was the fact that we would be studying and obtaining a double degree in two countries: Poland and Italy. It's perfect for students who want to experience as many cultures as possible in a limited amount of time. IR-PUB is a unique, diverse and challenging profession. The IR-PUB programme not only provides us with a wealth of theoretical knowledge about international relations, but also creates a multicultural environment where we can see international affairs through different perspectives. Studying in Krakow was enjoyable. It is a city rich in history and culture, and whether you are a lover of the humanities or nature, you will always find a great place to go in this city. Jagiellonian University is definitely a good choice and I hope that anyone who chooses this school will enjoy the knowledge and Krakow to the fullest.

Antonia Linder, Germany (IR-PUB class 2024)

Photo of Antonia LinderHeadlines on international crisis events have been increasing for years. This leads to the fundamental realization that we witness the development of growing international dependence with a simultaneous increase in national unilateralism. Nevertheless, the last major international events show that there is a fundamental will to engage in international dialogues, which, however, often fails in practice due to a lack of willingness to cooperate internationally. And an international cooperation needs international understanding. For me, there was no better way to get this than to study at Uniwersytet Jagielloński in Krakow. The oldest university in Poland is located in one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. Participating in extraordinarily interesting courses, discussions, and extracurricular activities with people from over 15 different countries changes your view of the world and provides exactly what is imperative in international diplomacy: an understanding of each other in order to jointly seek solutions for the future. Would recommend 10/10.

Anna Bernot, France (IR-PUB class 2023)

Photo of Anna BernotI primarly chose the IR-PUB program because it is very internationalised. A double-degree in two countries: Poland and Italy, in two beautiful and historically rich cities: Krakow and Siena. I wanted to change my studies' path from languages to international relations and IR-PUB seemed perfect. The courses offered are unique, varied, challenging and very interesting and the fact that we are in small groups helps to be fully a part of it. Here, in only one semester, we created a little family of international students, each having its own perspective on the world and listening to all of them is very interesting and enriching. If one wants to deepen its knowledge and understanding of international relations, I deeply recommend them to take this "leap of faith".

Sevinj Novruzova, Azerbaijan (ISAD class 2023)

Photo of Sevinj NovruzovaThe world is getting involved tackling unprecedented challenges in the forms of amplified levels of pandemic, climate change, poverty, conflicts, hunger and global inequality. Every single day these events inspire me to be a better human being and become more responsible citizen. I do believe that this century is unique because as never before in history, despite the challenges, we have opportunities to improve our shortcomings, while strengthening our strong points, and provide support as individuals and members of society. In this respect, International Security and Development Programme (ISAD) at Jagiellonian University is unique platform with its comprehensive approach to our progress. Above all, it is a programme of hope that teaches us to build our best habits to turn challenges into opportunities. ISAD is distinct from other traditional academic programmes in several ways. First of all, its academic staff unites both practitioners and scholars from various - legal, social, economic and political disciplines, as well as academia. This provides students with the most unique and innovative approach where we get the most handy information from primary and secondary sources, link scholarly literature with research data, understand complexities and various approaches to the same phenomena, exchange ideas, engage in academic debates and learn from each other in the most respectful and productive environment. Secondly, ISAD not only contributes to students’ professional development but also personal progress through its active cooperation with various local and international projects. This enables us to engage globally and broaden our horizons. Furthermore, the spirit of the home city of the programme, that is Krakow, complements and adds tremendous value to the very core of the programme. The city’s historical ground intertwined with students of next generation reflects the very balanced and unique nature of the ISAD programme in the light of scepticism of the intellect and optimism of the heart. All these crucial elements that ISAD combines makes it one of the most vital programmes in the world serving the betterment of humanity. It not only provides students with knowledge but also with necessary analytical tools to face the world with much wisdom, understanding and empathy. It guides us in the process of nourishing our best selves for a better future for ALL.

Photo of Dziyana AntsipenkaDziyana Antsipenka, Belarus (ISAD class 2023)  

My previous academic background in IR and interest in global development issues played a significant role in choosing to study the ISAD programme. When I found out that the JU has a programme with specialization in International Development, I was sure that it was the one that would aptly suit my appetite. The programme has provided me with a truly unique experience by interacting with people from all over the world. It’s always very intriguing to hear others’ perspectives thus discovering new cultures and broadening horizons. The courses are taught by prominent academics and practitioners with rich experience who are always ready to share it with students. Living in Krakow, an amazing city with its long history and a slow pace of life, is also a significant addition to studying. The city is very international and full of students so it’s not hard to make friends here. The decision to study the ISAD programme was the most crucial moment in my life. But now, I can say without hesitation that I’ve done everything right and I’m truly enjoying studying here. 

Joel Kamble, India (ISAD class 2023)

Photo of Joel KambleAfter graduating with a degree in Economics from India in the middle of the pandemic, I realised that I wanted to study more than just economics. I wanted to complete my master's degree in a field that would help me make a difference in the world that we live in. That's when I came across the ISAD programme offered by Jagiellonian University. What makes the program different is that it is taught by some of the best individuals in their fields such as ex diplomats and top executives who bring a wealth of experience & real-life lessons with them through their teaching methods. Jagiellonian University has a world-class campus with a diversity of international students & is placed in arguably one of the most beautiful & student-friendly cities in Europe. I'm having the time of my life, learning and exploring new things through this course and I hope you will too!

Fazluddin Bawar, Afghanistan (ISAD class 2023)

Photo of Fazluddin BawarMy name is Fazluddin Bawar, currently First Year MA student in International Security and Development programme. After finishing my bachelor’s degree in IR, I decided to further my Knowledge in development and security studies. Jagiellonian university gave me that opportunity. The ISAD programme or International Security and Development, looks at how politics and economics and security are interconnected throughout the world, analysing the security of countries and states, and explores the challenges facing developing and developed countries in the fight against global poverty. Jagiellonian University located in the most beautiful city of Krakow. City is very cozy and beautiful and Cited as one of Europe's most beautiful cities,its Old town with Wawel Royal Castle declared the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in the world. The Jagiellonian university, also one of the oldest university in Europe and In Poland and since the beginning has been an international institution. After coming to this university, I’ve met plenty of interesting people, made new friends, learned much, and experienced a lot. I’m also really looking forward to all the opportunities the future has in store for me. My initial impression of the university proved out to be accurate, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice of coming here. At the end, I have enjoyed both the university life and Krakow to its fullest. 

Mehran Atashjameh, Iran (ISAD class 2023)

Photo of Mehran AtashjamehSecurity and International Studies, the Fields that I Always Interested in... But This time in Jagiellonian University ! one of the oldest surviving universities in the world !!! a university with good world rank in a beautiful city that you never gonna tired of surfing the city. internatioal atmosphere of university and city let you meet new people from all around the world. as a first-year student my opinion about university and city to people who want to come there is simple, "DON'T HESITATE"!

Eliza Kotowska, Poland (ISAD class 2023)

Photo of Eliza KotowskaDuring interesting times like this, understanding people’s and nations’ relations with each other is of the utmost importance. While in New York, I studied criminology and forensic psychology which gave me an individualistic perspective on societies. Enrolling in the ISAD program will allow me to widen my perspective and gain knowledge about how people and nations interact as a whole. I believe that one learns more when interacting with different perspectives, and the best way to gain a new point of view is moving to a whole different country. Apart from it being exciting, I also chose Kraków because I felt it was fitting to come back to my home country to complete my studies. Jagiellonian University is highly respected in my household, due to all of us having lived in Poland before, and it feels exciting to be able to attend. Living in Kraków has allowed me to spend time with family I could not see in America while getting an education in which I’m really interested. Hence, making my decision to attend this university, was an easy one.

Hatam Ansari, Iran (IR-PUB class 2022)

Photo of Hatam AnsariThe first reason why I chose the IRPUB program was my passion for International Relations & Public Diplomacy which is a great way for me to gain a deeper understanding of global issues. The next reason is the Study Programme of the IRPUB which is offering many different interesting courses for each semester. Undoubtedly my experience at Jagiellonian University is a memorable one for me as I have made a lot of friends with different cultural backgrounds from all around the globe. The Professors are driven to ensure that we have all that it takes to be exemplary in academia as well as in our professional lives. Last but not least I think Krakow is very accommodating to student life due to the three facts: great nightlife, fantastic student culture, and a low cost of living.

Meiqi Song, China (IR-PUB class 2023)

Photo of Meiqi SongI had a great time in Jagiellonian University in Krakow as both the university and the city brought me unforgettable experiences that will benefit me for life. In class, we always have a chance to speak out our mind with classmates and professors. It’s in conversations that we get to know about the views in the others’ eyes who share different backgrounds but the same goal towards a better tomorrow. Seeing communication among various standpoints, my passion on International Relations and Public Diplomacy only became more intensive. While obtaining knowledge in different disciplines, the panorama of the world gets more and more clear in mind. Krakow is a city classic and historical. At night, strolling around the city, we can see streetlights decorating ancient churches, as if we can hear them tell the history. In autumn, sunshine goes gently through gaps between leaves, making everything golden. People in Krakow are friendly and always willing to help. It’s a warm city with views and niceties. Being in Jagiellonian University can be counted as my best choice of the year and I really appreciate that I had that opportunity to enjoy knowledge and the city.

Morgana Bettega, Brazil (ISAD class 2021)

Photo of Morgana BettegaStudying International Relations in Brazil, I took great interest in International Security and knew that it could be an area to pursue, combining my career with the desire to help others and make a difference. While looking for masters option, UJ stood out due to the renowned position and great academic recognition. The ISAD program provided me with the possibility to have multicultural experiences, learn from amazing professors and colleagues and expand my capabilities. Living in Krakow has been a great addition to my personal and professional life.I was able to have a semester of presencial classes, and even having to readapt in face of new challenges that came along, it was possible to have an amazing outcome - and to learn first hand how to adjust and implement what we learnt in practice. I’m now finishing my studies extremely happy with my choice and looking forward to apply these 2 years of learning in my professional growth.

Patricia Ferreira, Brazil (ISAD class 2020)

Photo of Patricia FerreiraBorn and raised in Brazil, I've always had a big dream of creating a social impact and contributing to positive changes around the world. I completed my BA in International Relations in Rio de Janeiro, gathered a lot of professional experience working with vulnerable populations in my country, and decided to move to Europe, in order to share a different point of view on development and be able to widen my opportunities, keep following my goals, and keep helping people in different scenarios. During my MA in International Security and Development at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, I met incredible people from all over the world, had the most interesting classes and discussions on the world's issues, from so many different perspectives, and I was able to really set the way for my professional career development. The programme offered me expertise, critical thinking, determination and a positive sense of accomplishment. Not even one year after I've completed my studies, I now hold a position as one of the Directors of Lifting Hands International in Greece, a non-governmental grassroots organisation that provides direct relief and capacity-building services to refugee camps in Northern Greece. I love my job, I work in constant direct contact with beneficiaries from the camps, and really see the impact of my work. I feel professionally fulfilled, and I owe a lot of that to the ISAD Programme and to UJ, which contributed so much for the realisation of my biggest dreams, and that prepares students to be active changers and advocates of a more sustainable and equal world. ISAD is the programme for you!

Rafaela Venturella De Negri, Brazil (ISAD class 2022)

Photo of Rafaela Venturella De NegriHello! My name is Rafaela Venturella De Negri and I’m a ISAD student currently in the second semester of the first year. I’m from Brazil and I have a Bachelor in Journalism from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). After some time studying abroad in the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, I decided that seeking a master in Europe would bean interesting choice for both my academic and professional future. The Jagiellonian University got my attention from the start, from Krakow cozy and beautiful sights to Poland's history of economic recovery based on social aspects, everything played a role in my choice. And I do not regret it. Apart from UJ AMAZING - and I say amazing because the University itself dates back from 14 century - qualifications, as being quoted as one of the 400 bestuniversities in the WHOLE GLOBE and having its academic researches recognize all over, the ISAD program combined exactly what I was looking for: historic, social and overview knowledge with a posterior possibility (as the second year specialization path) to deepenyourself in the topic of your choice. I was very pleased to see a combination of social,economic and international development side by side with some of our major security challenges. I know that for some of my fellow latin americans students the fees and tuition may be scary, but UJ gives us many chances of monetary help and Polands Polish Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) opens many scholarship calls every year. Although I’m not in Krakow physically given the COVID 19 situation, I’m enjoying my classes once they are - and were last semester - all online, with adapted teaching ways and exams. I’m excited to get there and to be able to enjoy all UJ in first hand - Library, real life knowledge exchange and the beautiful new campus - but I’m also really happy to see how UJ is deeply concerned with all its faculty health and well being, what makes me sure that - whenever they decide to have presential classes - it will be indeed a safe and healthy option. I hope to see you there next semester. I would absolutely LOVE to keep helping new students learn more about ISAD and helping them with the application process. 

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Ulyana Kubenko, Ukraine (ISAD class 2020)

Photo of Ulyana KubenkoI lived in Krakow and studied at the Jagiellonian University for 5 years. Coming from Ukraine, it was natural for me to follow an academic path in security studies, hence I decided to study MA in International Security and Development Programme in 2018-2020 in one of the most prestigious universities in Poland. The world and the current international system are highly complex - there are certain issues that one cannot ignore and needs to develop capabilities to understand. Studying in ISAD gives you both good theoretical and practical knowledge on development and security matters. It helps you understand the challenges that countries face all around the world and guides you in developing your critical thinking needed to analyse these challenges. This international programme also offers you an opportunity to study in a highly multicultural environment - while it provides you with different perspectives in international affairs, it also widens your network of international friends! People I met while studying in ISAD are very ambitious and great individuals, with whom  I am glad to have shared this journey. Moreover, it is important to mention how truly great Krakow is for students - a beautiful city rich in culture, sports activities, as well as various attractions for students. While the pandemic has certainly changed life for international students - I believe it is not permanent, and you would still have an opportunity to enjoy both your university life and Krakow to its fullest. As I am right now at the beginning of my professional career, I would like to say that I am happy that I chose ISAD, and I do sincerely recommend this study programme to you!

Roel Van Der Linden, Netherlands (ISAD class 2022)

Photo of Roel Van Der LindenI’m not going to lie: studying abroad can be pretty thrilling. Especially in these times of pandemic. But, here at the Jagiellonian University, they take good care of their international students and now I feel completely at home here. Krakow is a wonderful cosmopolitan city to study and live in, and with classmates from all over the world it is a perfect and diverse academic environment. The professors that I’ve had so far are all very competent. Even in these times of online classes, they are very inspiring. They explain things during the lectures, and in the interactive seminars we are challenged to formulate our own views and discuss them. You really get the feeling that your opinion is valued, and it is very enriching to exchange views with students from different backgrounds. This has given me the broader perspective if I followed a comparable master program in my own country. The ISAD program has a lot of freedom regarding elective courses. This is very stimulating, as you can delve deeper in whatever you’re most interested in. The professors are also very flexible and open. As an example, I wanted to look deeper into security issues regarding Russia and the professor gave me extra sources and discussed the issues with me. I think this is quite unique and it motivates me a lot. I am very happy that I applied for the ISAD program, and every day I feel more at home here. I know that in case of difficulties (both academic and practical) I could turn to the ISAD office team and they will do their best to help me. So, I hope I can share some of my enthusiasm with you. Take the leap, go study abroad and join this wonderful program!

Christopher Wijono, Indonesia (ISAD class 2021)

Photo of Christopher WijonoStudying in the ISAD program has utterly broadened my perception on security as a concept; it goes beyond stockpiling weapons, strengthening borders and armed forces, or combatting belligerents. It is the study of concepts, to understand what it means to be peaceful, what it means to be violent, and what it means to be safe, and ultimately, of course, what it means to be secure, and how we accomplish that not only for ourselves, but for the people around us and beyond. I like to think this is quite the contemporary and revolutionary outlook, one which i am thrilled to be part of with this new generation of scholars, alongside my wonderful peers from all over the world. And to be able to do so here in Krakow, historic capital of Poland, has been wonderful; an absolutely lovely interweaving of intellectual pursuit and cultural experience.

Harsh Jain, India (ISAD class 2021)

Photo of Harsh JainIf you’re kind of person who likes to study about War, Politics, Security and development and how its effects in current world scenario this program is definitely for you. My time in this program has been amazing especially with my Classmates. The ISAD program has international students from all over the world that gives you different perspectives and exposure. Professors are really amazing and have great practical experiences. Classes are very interesting and challenge you to think out of box. Also this university has extensive network with other universities that lets you participate in conferences, workshops, summer schools. Jagiellonian University is one of the best Universities in Poland and Krakow is really an amazing city. I am really happy that I joined this program and you should too!

Maria Elena Arcos Rodriguez, Mexico (ISAD class 2020)

Photo of Maria Elena Arcos RodriguezComing  to Krakow  to study the Master of International Security and Development at the Jagiellonian has  been a very unique and enriching experience, first of all,  to be a student of the most prestigious University of Poland  allows you  to  have access to  several advantages,   one of those,  is  having  a high quality of classes, where Professors with extensive expertise in their field  are always willing to  help and share  valuable and  update knowledge, second  you have the possibility to  interact with  peers from different parts of the globe, that gives a  priceless occasion to discuss different points of  view  our regions making the  learning more critical and enlightening, third, the University provides special places for students to study which makes even more attractive the  whole student environment,  least but not last, I would say that Krakow is one of those friendly student cities, which  give several  advantages to students like  discounts on transport  and counts with several  libraries and  cafés  where it is easy to get immerse. I have no doubt any student would feel happy and satisfied with the Programme.

Shadi Firouzi Tabar, Italy (ISAD class 2020)

Photo of Shadi Firouzi TabarGrowing up for our generation often means experiencing first-hand the consequences of globalization, both positive and negative. And if like me, you are eager to better understand the causes, roots and issues linked to the current global challenges then ISAD is what you are looking for! Studying in the most prestigious University in Poland, following courses taught by outstanding local and visiting Professors, having access to unique and excellent networks, having the opportunity to specialize in a variety yet niche areas of expertise spamming form cyber-security, to migration and conflict management and much more is just a tiny window on what this program offers. ISAD is student-oriented, continuously motivating you to explore solutions, argue, debate, and cooperate through team-projects. We even had the opportunity to go on a class-trip to Vienna to visit international organizations offices! As my research and professional interest focuses on migration policies and discourses and the European southern border I have chosen the Development track for the second-year specialization: pragmatic, result oriented, and taught by highly qualified and engaging professionals and academics – I could have not made a better choice! Alongside an excellent academic offer, and the opportunity to study in an international environment with colleagues from all over the world, you would also get to enjoy living in the cultural capital of Poland - such a vibrant and lively city that offers music, sport, and leisure activities for all tastes. You could get to attend incredible music festivals (Juvenalia is among the famous ones!), join the local rugby team as I did, go for amazing hikes in the Tatra mountains or cycling trips along the Vistula! Not to mention that Krakow is very well connected to the rest of Europe and travelling is cheap and easy! Join ISAD for a thrilling academic and life experience!

Gunel Shukurova, Azerbaijan (ISAD class 2020)

Photo of Gunel ShukurovaThis programme helped me a lot to strengthen my academic knowledge in IR theories, security, and conflict studies. The wide range of courses – from politics-related to economics-related, from different law courses to diplomacy-related courses – helped me to improve myself in such an interdisciplinary master programme. ISAD programme has both Polish and foreign Professors and lecturers, who are successful scholars, lawyers, and diplomats, being experts in their fields. They teach a particular IR or security-related concept referring to both its historical development and to current global events. Therefore, you as a student will have a chance to learn any topic both theoretically and as observers of day-to-day political events happening in the world, thanks to the critical discussions among students stimulated by ISAD Professors. Moreover, ISAD programme will offer you an international environment, as you can meet and exchange knowledge with many other bright students from different continents. Also, annual study-trips to different outstanding international security organizations such as the United Nations and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe as well as to military academies will make your academic life even more practical and colorful. Furthermore, apart from improving your English language skills, which is the main study language in ISAD programme, you will get a chance to learn a new foreign language or improve your second foreign language skills with variety of language courses offered by this program. Student life is not only about studying, but also having fun and spending your young years among open-minded and like-minded people. You will definitely gain beautiful memories and nice friends from different countries and cultures, sometimes being a second family for you in a foreign country. That is why if you search for both quality academic education and fun social student life in the main student city and cultural capital of Poland, MA in International Security and Development programme at Jagiellonian University in Krakow is definitely the thing you are looking for. 

Kateryna Halko, Ukraine (ISAD class 2020)

Photo of Kateryna HalkoISAD programme gives an outstanding opportunity to study at a progressive scientific environment. The programme presents a unique chance to study at the international community with students from all around the world. I have faced a great diversity of courses, which taught me to think independently and shape my own vision, based on different perspectives. Moreover, the University has a benefit of being located in Krakow, the amazing city with beautiful architecture and breathtaking history. I am really glad to be a student of the Jagiellonian University and be a part of ISAD programme.

Natalia Pelypets, Ukraine (ISAD class 2020)

Photo of Natalia PelypetsIf you were given an opportunity you have always hoped for, would you not be excited beyond words? I guess you would, just like I am. ISAD gave me everything I have ever dreamt about: the most prestigious university in Poland, highly qualified professors, multicultural environment and magnificent cultural capital of Poland – Krakow. ISAD gives you a possibility to grow, to learn on your own and from each other, to recognize complex problems of today’s global security and development, and then inspires confidence that you, your opinions and actions matter. ISAD is the right programme to broaden your horizons and allows you not just to study international security and development, but also to see yourself as a person capable of solving modern global issues.

David Ferrero, Portugal (ISAD class 2020)

Photo of David FerreroIn any given conversation with a colleague, a friend or a family member, you are likely to hear that we are living in a changing world, that this is a defining moment we are going through and that the stakes to deal with global challenges have never been higher. The International Security and Development program helps you understand why this is. During my time on this program, I have learned to identify properly the ways the world works, to recognize the ideas that set the globe alight in the past and the ones that govern it in the present. It is a fantastic way to explore the problems posed by an increasingly interconnected world, the sources of conflict and institutions that deal with them. Furthermore, you are encouraged to explore solutions, to debate and express your ideas in order to deal with real-world problems. The other reason that makes this program so desirable is the fact that it is taught in Poland’s most prestigious higher-education institution and located in a city extremely well connected to the rest of Europe. Coming to Krakow and joining the ISAD program has definitely been one of the best decisions I have made and I strongly recommend it to all those interested in joining!

Caroline A. Beshenich, USA (ISAD class 2020)

Photo of Caroline A. BeshenichI believe that my academic endeavours with the Jagiellonian University, as well as my time living in Krakow, have given me a unique opportunity to further my education and develop my own perspectives. Following high school, I knew that I wanted something more than the academic program offered by my local university. I wanted an education that went beyond books and the essentials. Three years after coming to Poland, and I can honestly say that this step into the unknown was one of the most significant and fruitful decisions of my life. What better way to study the world and its political structures then by studying alongside students from every corner of the Earth? I have been as fortunate as to be able to grow my knowledge organically; not just by studying in one of the oldest universities in Europe but also by meeting people from the areas I aim to experience and work in some day. My knowledge has been shaped from their perspectives; which offer dimension to the multi-lateral and rapidly changing globalised society we live in. From my peers I have gained an understanding that enhances the booksmarts my professors gave me. I had hoped to find a university, which would allow me to learn from something other than just textbooks. Jagiellonian has given me this, and so much more. The dedicated professors, intensive studies, and multicultural atmosphere have created the base for my future endeavours and the mark, which I hope to make in this life.