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Elective Course

Elective Course

Every year we launch a number of specialized courses.

International Scientific and Technical Cooperation course (winter semester 2022/2023)

International scientific and technical collaboration is essential to achieve inclusive and growth, contribute to the sustainable development worldwide. The discipline aim is to formalize students with main aspects of science internationalization, to understand its purpose and importance. To monitor and evaluate by qualitative and quantitative methods the cooperation activities and objectives (whether ongoing or planned) of the various partners. EU as a starting point and symbol for a new era in ISC. See syllabus.

Political Propaganda and Disinformation course (summer semester 2022/2023)

In the framework of “Political Propaganda and Disinformation”, students will gain general knowledge about propaganda history, evolution, forms, and motives. Special attention will be paid to the term: “hybrid war” which employs cyber warfare, fake news, fabrications, economic diplomacy, and foreign electoral intervention. The major part of the course lectures will be dedicated to Russian propaganda - its aims, tactics, narratives, and actors. Thanks to the case study method, we will analyze the Kremlin propagandistic operations in the countries where Moscow is actively seeking to gain political control. Another important topic covers fact-checking and debunking issues – how to build resilience to disinformation? In addition, the students will have the opportunity to highlight propagandistic fabrications and get information about the main actors that disseminate pro-Russian political narratives on the daily basis. The added value of the course is its interactive format and contemporary field-specific literature. Students will be able to actively participate in the learning process, ask questions and engage in discussions.

See syllabus.