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Elective Course

Elective Course

Every year we launch a number of specialized courses.

International Organizational Behaviour (winter semester 2023/2024)

The aim of the course is to introduce students to the basics of the theory of behavior of international organizations, providing them with the necessary knowledge for the management of international organizations, paying special attention to the influence of culture on the sociological processes taking place in organizations. See syllabus.

Innovation Management (winter semester 2023/2024)

The aim of the course is to provide a comprehensive insight into the theories of innovation management and creativity, as well as to develop students' creative problem-solving abilities. The course emphasizes practical lessons and games, which develop the search for original approaches and encourage you to always see several alternatives. See syllabus.

Risk and Security Management (winter semester 2023/2024)

Risk- and Security Management – a concept that might seem a little hard to grasp at first. Risk is practically everywhere, in every kind of interaction. The questions therefore raised are: How can risks be mitigated strategically? Where do they present themselves? How can we use risks and threats to our advantage? How do companies, NGO’s and governments deal with the topic of Risk and Security Management respectively? In this course we will look into these questions and more to give a broad insight into what Risk and Security Management is and how it affects us in everyday life. See syllabus.

Global Corporate Systems in International Relations (winter semester 2023/2024)

Transnational corporations have shaped globalization and the economy as we know it. They are sometimes considered as the necessary evils of moderns societies considering the economic, environmental, ethical downsides triggered by their activities while remaining necessary and central to today’s world’s organization. This class aims at providing legal, economic, social and ethical analysis on corporate activities, trends, and market impacts. This course would explore how those actors interact with governments, institutions, societies, and other stakeholders or groups on a global scale. See syllabus.