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Remote courses in the summer semester of the academic year 21/22.

The following classes will be conducted in a hybrid form, i.e. stationary, if the epidemic conditions allow for international travel of lecturers, remotely, if such a possibility is not available.

  • World Politics since 1945/Global Politics since 1945 – seminars, Richard Milner 
  • Development Economics – seminars – Ilona Baumane-Vitolina 
  • International Organizations in Crisis Management – Sławomir Raszewski 
  • Energy Security and Environmental Protection in the Era of Climate Change – Sławomir Raszewski 
  • Problems of Security in Africa – István Tarrósy 
  • Minerals, Water and Conflicts in 21st Century – István Tarrósy 
  • Global Poverty and International Financial Aid Institutions – Hanako Umezawa