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Last Chance to Apply: IRPUB and ISAD Programs

Last Chance to Apply: IRPUB and ISAD Programs

Dear all, 

we would like to remind you that the application deadline for both the ISAD and IRPUB programs is just around the corner. Registration for the first round will close on June 26th. 


You can apply for:

- ISAD - International Relations and Development: ISAD is an international MA program offering theoretical and specialized knowledge, analytical tools, and professional skills for managing global security and development, aimed at students from Europe, North America, Asia, and others interested in these fields.

- IRPUB - International Relations and Public Diplomacy: IRPUB is an international MA program where students study two semesters at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and two at the University of Siena in Italy, focusing on a multidimensional approach to international relations and diplomacy. IR-PUB combines multi-level analysis of international relations and state activities with an emphasis on public diplomacy at global, regional, and organizational levels


For more information about applying, please visit the "Entry Requirements" section. Join us!