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ISAD Students participated in the Study Trip in Siena

ISAD Students participated in the Study Trip in Siena

Last week, ISAD participated in the Study Trip in Siena. Our students took part in seminars with students from University of Siena. Read the opinion of Johann Kattenstroth, our student about the trip: International communities must become protagonists of change and new strategies. This international cooperation found its roots right here in Siena. Over the course of two days, common goals of development and sunergies were shared and demonstrated to us, including a tour of the FabLab, implementation of vietual reality in research, an insight into the PRIMA foundation, a seminar held by a PhD student and even a guided tour through the stunning and marvellous city of Siena. The visit was concluded by a very fruitful and dynamic presentation and discussion by Professor Dr. Verzichelli right in the heart of magnificent Tuscany. We certainly had a great time and hope for this to be the beginning of a great collaboration in the future!

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The International Relations and Public Diplomacy (IR-PUB) is a new international and English-language master's degree program, lasting for 4 semesters, implemented by the funds of the Katamaran program of the National Agency for Academic Exchange (from the Knowledge-Education- Development Operational Program: POWER). The programme is implemented in partnership between Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland and University of Siena in Italy.