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“The changing dynamic of EU-China relations: a view from the EU periphery” lectured by Prof. Małgorzata Jakimów

“The changing dynamic of EU-China relations: a view from the EU periphery” lectured by Prof. Małgorzata Jakimów

This presentation is based on the speaker’s past and ongoing research into the question of a changing dynamic in EU-China relations, with particular attention paid to the EU’s peripheral states of Central-Eastern (CEE) and South Europe (SE). It considers multiple dynamics and factors taking place in the relationship between these two regions and China with particular attention paid to the last 10 years focusing on the events such as the involvement of these two regions in the BRI, the formation of 16+1 platform and the Covid-19 pandemic among others. This presentation unpacks some empirical factors and provides theoretical explanations for the dynamic witnessed, while looking for new avenues and explanatory variables to be explored in future research. One theoretical contribution that the author presents is the role of securitisation dynamic as an explanatory factor for the strength of China’s appeal and ability to penetrate both regions. Another factor considered will be the impact of populism and its relationship to the possible shaping of China-peripheral EU’s normative convergence. The presentation will arrive at some preliminary findings, opening space to further discussion on the key factors and possible explanations of the changing dynamic in the mutual relations. 

About the author:

Małgorzata Jakimów is an assistant professor in East Asian Politics at School of Government and International Affairs, Durham University. She joined the SGIA department in 2018 after holding a lecturer post at University of Sheffield. She was awarded her PhD in 2015 from University of Manchester. Her research focuses on the question of citizenship and civil society in China, critical citizenship theory, transnational civil society, political economy of labour in China, and the normative element of EU-China relations. In 2014, she received European Union funding to take 1 year-long post as a visiting scholar at the School of Government, Peking University. She is currently a Visiting Researcher at University of Lodz, Institute of East Asia.